With Your 20-Year Guaranteed Contract with Hydro and a typical 10k Panel System, making a profit is simple:

$50,000 Initial Investment
+$10,500 Annual Income

$180,000 in Profit

$50,000 Initial Investment
+Principal Paid in 5 Years

15 Years of Revenue

$10,500 Annual Income
-$4,000 Loan Repayment

$6,500 Annual Profit


Solar Energy: A Bright Idea
The sun’s solar energy is collected through the panels on your roof and transformed into energy.  That energy is then fed into the provincial energy grid, and you will be paid 80¢ for every kilowatt produced.


The roof of your house provides more than just shelter, it is a means for you to generate substantial income. There are many financial benefits to installing a solar array on your home or business:

• Low maintenance and quick installations
• Panels have a lifetime of up to 40 years
• Solar DC’s panels offer a full guarantee of up to 25 years
• Panels are made of fully recyclable materials
Solar panels are the ideal way for you to contribute to both the environment, and your long-term financial well-being.

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