Is Solar For You?

Is Solar For You?

Having Solar Panels on your home or business does not mean that you are off the Grid. In fact, you are still very much a part of the grid except now, your new solar panels will be feeding into the provincial grid, reducing your impact on Ontario’s energy requirements, and earning you money each and every month.

How does it work?

1. When the rays of the sun are converted into energy, the energy produced is fed directly back into the grid.

2. You will be paid for every watt you generate. While you will still have to pay the going rate for your hydro, the cost will be greatly offset by the 54.9¢ you will receive for every watt your panels produce and you will see a profit right away. It’s that simple.

3. Your modest initial investment will be feeding energy back into the grid, the Hydro company will pay you monthly for power you generate, instead of the other way around – you will still have to pay for your consumption at the rate you pay now, but you will also get paid for all the power you produce.

4. Not only is solar energy an environmentally sound practice, but it is a financially sound one as well. An investment in solar energy is an investment in your future.

If you still have some doubts, we can walk you through the OPA requirements. Solar DC will be the first to admit that this is a big decision. Remember:

- Educate yourself, protect yourself and know the rules

- Avoid high pressure sales that require immediate decisions

- Demand a quality installation by a local company and qualified local tradespeople

We’re here to help.

What Do You Need

What you really need is to own a home or business that is suited to solar implementation.  More often than not, this is simply a matter of your building having a sloped or flat roof with a southern exposure that is relatively free of obstructions.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and site visit and we will provide you with an assessment, recommendations, and quote.  No strings attached.


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