Our Products
While the majority of our installations are grid tie (linked into Ontario’s power supplies), we also do off-grid systems with battery backups and remote area installations. We also offer a full range of solar solutions, from electric panels, power panels and charge controllers, to inverters, solar panels and complete solar systems.

There are plenty of providers and suppliers on the market, and some of them might be cheaper than Solar DC. The difference is that Solar DC uses top of the line products to provide you with the best possible solar equipment so you have less downtime and less to worry about when it comes to your making money from your solar energy output.
You will also get more life out of top-of-the-line products – Sharp and other tier one products often outlast their 25-year warranty by 15 years or more.

We pride ourselves on being the best, so naturally, we only deal with the best suppliers and are certified installers and suppliers with some of the largest solar and alternative energy companies in the world. Companies like Sharp and Home Energy Solutions are highly regarded, and we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the quality, ingenuity and expertise of our partners.

Our Guarantee

Many companies will offer guarantees of 50, 100, even 200 years – companies that have only been in business for a handful of years. Does this make any sense?

Our guarantee is simple and honest:
Solar is the most practical, lowest-impact form of alternative energy and with your 20-year Hydro contract, you will start making money right away. Guaranteed.

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