Your Investment

Start up fees will vary depending on the size of your building, the number of kilowatts you are looking to produce. While the initial investment can seem like a lot of money, the subsidy is in the rate you are paid for all the power you produce – currently $0.389 per kWh for rooftop installations. Financing is available from major banks.

Remember, your investment could end up paying for itself in 5 years. The energy that your solar panels feed back into the grid will result in your Hydro provider paying you. It might be a big initial investment, but the long-term profits are huge.

Do The Math*:

Average Cost of 10,000kW Installation: $29,900

Average R.O.I.: 8%

Time Until Investment Paid Off:
5-6 Years

Total Revenue: $90,000

*sums and figures based on approximate averages as of
Q1 2013

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