Net Metering
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Net metering is a grid tied solution that allows you to install panels and an inverter (no batteries required) and subsidize your power usage.

Basically install a system and connect it to your electrical panel.  If you generate excess energy that the home does not require is goes on the grid and is measured.  You are allowed to use this power back later at no cost.  Additional hydro fees are linked to you usage, therefore the less you use the less you pay.  A perfect system would generate all the energy you use in a year, generate more than you use in the summer and use it back for free in the winter.  Potentially the only monthly fees would be your connected fee.  You cannot make money on net metering, just reduce you bill.  A net metering system could last more than 25 years.

Some people are installing MicroFit system to earn money and then using the MicroFit revenue to pay for a Net Metering system.  MicroFit could pay for both within 10 years.

Our Guarantee

Many companies will offer guarantees of 50, 100, even 200 years – companies that have only been in business for a handful of years. Does this make any sense?

Our guarantee is simple and honest:
Solar is the most practical, lowest-impact form of alternative energy and with your 20-year Hydro contract, you will start making money right away. Guaranteed.

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